Heroin Addiction Detox in Long Island

Heroin is a substance derived from morphine – an opioid narcotic analgesic used in the treatment of severe pain. Heroin is obtained mostly in a white or brown powder form, or as a black, sticky substance referred to as “black tar heroin.” The withdrawals from prolonged heroin addiction can be severe, and deadly.

The effects of heroin when introduced in the body are immediate. When heroin enters the brain, its chemicals bind rapidly with opioid receptors that distort the central nervous system’s natural response to pain, pleasure, heart and breathing. A one-time use effect of heroin can cause death. Heroin is highly addictive and the most common drug associated with overdose and death. It is often mixed with other drugs and household products like starch, sugar, and powder milk, increasing the dangers of an already dangerous substance, by provoking clogged arteries that damage vital organs and can cause death.

It is of imminent importance for a person who is addicted to heroin to get immediate detox and rehab. An individual with heroin dependency will build a tolerance to the drug, resulting in higher dosage to obtain the same effect. People who have use heroin over a long period cannot quit on their own because to avoid withdrawal symptoms, they will return to the drug. Heroin withdrawal symptoms include chills and vomiting, intensive cold and hot flashes, diarrhea, insomnia and sleep disorders, uncontrollable spasms of the limbs, and other painful symptoms such as seizures and loss of mental ability. The heroin detox program we offer at the Long Island Sunrise Detox center will provide medically supervised detox, combined with therapy and counseling that manage withdrawals while you detox.

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