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Sunrise Detox Drug And Alcohol Detox FAQs For Long Island

Sunrise Detox Long Island is a residential alcohol and drug detox facility. Our medically directed inpatient detox treatments are a critical step to your addiction recovery. You have the opportunity to find out more about our detox procedures and policies in our detox FAQs for Long Island. And if you still have questions, call us at any hour for immediate answers. We are standing by to help you.

Sunrise Detox Long Island offers medically guided detox from drugs and alcohol. This means you stay in our facility while our team attends to you 24 hours a day. They closely track your condition and give you medication to fend off hazardous withdrawal symptoms and control any distress.
We also give you the option of group therapy and peer support so you can address your substance use triggers and we consult with you to create an aftercare blueprint to help you build enduring sobriety after detox.
Sunrise Detox only admits patients age 18 and up.
Sunrise Detox Long Island is dedicated to making our patient accommodations as comfort-inducing as possible. You’ll reside in one of our tasteful, well-equipped rooms with a full, private bath and a TV. Your room is shared with a maximum of one other resident. Private rooms are available per special request. One-on-one and group therapy is provided in a nurturing surrounding. Whenever you are ready, you are invited to use the TV or take time for a game in our community areas or step out to the exterior patio. We even provide chef-made meals and snacks.
Prepare like you might for a week on the road. Even though we offer you many everyday items, you’ll want to have things like:
  • Clothes
  • Personal care products
  • Hair care items
  • Personal music player like an iPod
  • Reading materials
  • Any prescribed medicines
  • Cash in case you want to use the vending machine
Yes, you may bring your phone. But you should know, we will keep it in a safe place once you are admitted. Whenever you need to check messages or return a pressing call, you can ask a member of our team for your device or to place a call with our phone.
We permit women’s and men’s razors, but our personnel will store them for you.All you have to do is consult with a team member to check it out.
We appreciate the essential emotional support animals provide and can allow them. Please advise our admissions staff beforehand if you intend to bring a service animal. You will need to present valid certification for the animal during intake.
Your safety is our chief objective. If you are unable to find a family member or friend who will take you to our Long Island location, we are glad to schedule a lift from your address or the airport. Contact us day or night to see how we may get you here.
During our admission process, we will give you a comprehensive medical evaluation to to find out what kinds of substances are in your bloodstream and how you can safely commence detoxification. You’ll sign authorizations for who to contact in case of emergencies and information for family members. Then we’ll take away any restricted items in your luggage before assisting you into your room.
We know how important family support is during alcohol or drug addiction recovery. Even so, our services are most successful if you are able to get away from external factors to concentrate on detox and getting better. Because of this, we don’t permit visits from family. However, you are free to speak with those who care about you on our patient phone. We can also keep your family and authorized contacts advised of your progress.
Your privacy is important to us. In conformity with federal regulations, we protect the confidentiality of your personal records. We will not divulge to any external group or individual that you are attending our program, and we are bound not to supply any documentation labeling you as having a substance use disorder unless we have your consent in writing. We will give you a copy of our confidentiality policy at the admissions phase.
We individualize your medical treatment to your needs based on your medical evaluation and what substances you need to detox from. Our clinicians are adept at scheduling dosages to avoid harmful side effects. They will also aid you in organizing your prescriptions and dispense supplemental medicine to control withdrawal symptoms as needed.
We work with a multitude of insurance plans. As you reach out to us to secure a spot at our location, we will gather your insurance particulars and confirm it with your insurer. We do not accept Medicare/Medicaid presently.
Yes, you can be admitted if you don’t have healthcare coverage. At the admissions phase, we can discuss suitable payment options.
We will not have you leave without a blueprint for additional care established. Our aim is to stabilize you with detox and fit to seek additional recovery programs as you strive toward enduring sobriety. In advance of your exit, we may help you join a residential treatment center or any outpatient care options.

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