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Detoxing With Depression And Addiction Near Long Island

Depression is a common underlying source of substance use disorders, and this co-occurring condition needs to be addressed during detox. If you’re set to face your addiction head-on but feel restricted by depression, Sunrise is here to help. Our detox facility provides care for adults with depression and addiction in Long Island. Whenever you’re primed to take the first step in your recovery journey, call us at 631-857-3800.

We Know About The Link Between Substance Use And Depression

The process of finding a suitable treatment for depression presents numerous challenges, so it’s conceivable if you cope with habit-forming drugs or alcohol. Sadly, relying on these substances will often plunge you into a damaging pattern of self-medication. Whenever the feel-good effect of alcohol or drugs goes away, you feel worse than before and are pushed to self-medicate again. This depression/addiction pattern quickly becomes unmanageable and dominates your life.

Sunrise Detox Long Island will help you successfully detox from alcohol or drugs. We recognize the connection between depression and substance addiction and will address both simultaneously at our inpatient center. We provide a safe location for you to detox and make the first step towards drug and alcohol use recovery. Contact us at 631-857-3800 anytime to see how we’ll help you detox and address your mental health.

Our Treatment For Depression And Addiction Near Long Island

The first step in overcoming drug or alcohol use disorders is detoxing from these addictive substances. Detoxing alone can be unsafe and needs to be completed with direction from credentialed professionals. Co-occurring disorders like depression add an extra barrier. Sunrise Detox Long Island supplies expert medical detox service that will address both depression and addiction near Long Island.

Timing is essential when it comes to beginning detox, so we work quickly to admit you. When you get here, you are given an assessment to look at your substance use, your medical experiences, and your existing state. If you have a depression diagnosis, we should know so we can help you control those symptoms while detoxing.

Medical Treatment During Detox

Every patient gets a customized plan of care, including how to handle your withdrawal and any co-occurring mental health disorders. Our medical professionals will reduce withdrawal symptoms utilizing appropriate doses of evidence-based medications. If you are on antidepressants, we’ll make sure you continue to get your prescribed medication. We take vital signs regularly to keep you safe until you have thoroughly detoxed and recouped your strength.

Mental Health Support During Detox

Because depression is a regular co-occurring disorder with substance use disorders, we aim to make sure your mental health is supported at Sunrise Detox. You have the chance to attend therapy and peer support meetings here when you feel up to it. We provide:

  • Individual therapy: work face-to-face with a licensed therapist to examine the causes of your depression and addiction.
  • Group therapy: gain perspective by listening to and sharing with other patients.
  • Peer support groups: converse with knowledgeable volunteers who have advanced through their own recovery and want to help you with yours.
  • Aftercare Planning: find the upcoming steps of your recovery, including the management of depression and substance use.

This supplemental support helps you come to grips with detox and start to take command over your mental health.

Why Go To Sunrise Detox Long Island For Residential Detox Services?

We aim to make detox as comfortable as we can for you and address mental health at the same time. We feel helping you complete this first step in a dignified, compassionate fashion will lay the groundwork for further success along your path to recovery.

To start you on the right foot, we provide highly-qualified care in a pleasant environment where you’ll receive

  • Safe, scientifically sound medical support for withdrawal
  • Attention from on-site staff 24/7
  • Checking of vital signs every 2-4 hours
  • Optional mental health sessions
  • Enough time for rest and recuperation
  • A safe setting away from triggers for drug and alcohol use
  • A nicely furnished room with attached bath
  • Well-balanced, chef-designed meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Access to a relaxing lounge area
  • Total patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Guidance for questions regarding billing and insurance

Get Assistance For Depression And Addiction Near Long Island Today

Don’t hesitate if you need assistance detoxing while dealing with depression. Sunrise is here for you. Dial 631-857-3800 or complete our contact form on this page for prompt help. A representative will reply at once, no matter the hour. We’re standing by to assist you now.