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Am I An Alcoholic? Take Our Alcohol Use Disorder Assessment For Long Island

While struggling with alcohol use disorder can cause problems for your body and relationships, the signs of a disorder may be hard to see. If you’re wondering whether you or a family member’s drinking habits have risen to a disorder, our Alcohol Use Disorder Assessment for Long Island can help. Complete this assessment to discover more regarding the indications of problematic alcohol use and see if it’s the time to go to treatment.

What Does It Mean To Have An Alcohol Use Disorder?

An alcohol use disorder is a persistent condition where an individual displays behaviors of problematic alcohol use that impede their day-to-day life. The severity of alcohol use can fluctuate, ranging from light to severe addiction, and can impact your physical and mental health, employment or education, and social life.

Here Are Just Some Symptoms Of Alcohol Use Disorder

Those with alcohol use disorder might wrestle with:

  • Alcohol cravings
  • No or little control over their drinking
  • Drinking that leads to dangerous situations
  • Physical and mental health complications stemming from alcohol use
  • Disruptive work or school performance caused by drinking
  • Relationship strain stemming from alcohol use

Is There A Cure For Alcohol Use Disorders?

Alcoholism can’t be cured in the familiar way, but a professional treatment center can teach you to handle triggers for drinking and help you have a long-lasting recover.

The faster you seek help, the more likely recovery will happen. The first step is taking our alcohol use assessment for Long Island and getting ahold of Sunrise Detox by calling 631-857-3800 if you have questions or want services for alcohol use disorder. Sunrise is ready to help when you’re ready.

This assessment should not be seen as a substitute for a professional evaluation.

Treatment for a substance use disorder usually uses a combination of behavioral therapies, medication management, and support. Detoxification is usually the initial step to a safe recovery where you can clean out your system of alcohol without succumbing to withdrawal symptoms. After detox, our expert counselors can help craft a customized treatment plan for a persistent recovery.