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Advising You And Your Family During Detox

 Sunrise Detox Long Island realizes how alcohol and drug use impacts every member of your family. We also understand that these challenges can endure even when a relation starts treatment for addiction. We do our absolute best to offer life-changing detox services and information for Long Island families and assist them in learning how to be there for a struggling loved one.

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Get Help With Interventions From Sunrise Detox Long Island

If you and other members of your family are worried about a loved one with drug or alcohol use disorder, you may try to arrange an intervention. During an intervention, essential individuals in your family member’s life explain how substance use has an adverse influence on everyone near them. You should also communicate consequences if they choose not to get help.

If performed properly, interventions are able to prompt your loved one to find help. Sunrise Detox Long Island helps organize and carry out fruitful interventions under the advisement of expert interventionists. You are better off using experienced interventionists who are able to assist you in making a plan and direct the communications with the individual requiring assistance. And if they decide to begin treatment, you are able to reach out to us to reserve a room at our detox center quickly or assist you in finding other suitable therapy.

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What You Ought To Know About Drug And Alcohol Detox At Sunrise

Sunrise Detox Long Island understands our patients have people who love them and would like them to receive the highest level of support at our residential treatment center near Long Island. That’s why we personalize our services to your loved one’s needs and are straightforward about what you can anticipate from us.

Our patients have the most success when they can direct their attention solely on detoxing away from external forces. We also make patient privacy a top responsibility. Due to these reasons, we forbid visitors at our facility. However, your loved one will be allowed to call you with staff permission, and we also touch base with you routinely.

Shortly after admission, we get permission to contact the family to talk about interpersonal relationships and how those interactions impact and are affected by alcohol or substance use. Once that is done, we place calls daily to the emergency contact to give them reports on how things are going and to reply to any questions. During your loved one’s time in our facility, our credentialed nursing staff and clinicians provide custom-tailored healthcare services and maintain their comfort with safe,comfortable accommodations and chef-made meals.

How We Help Families With A Loved One In Detox

When our staff talks to an approved contact about their loved one, we also advise how family and friends are able to support them once they come home. We include you in their aftercare planning and offer tips for allowing them to get additional care. We’ll also discuss how your family may cope with the obstacles of having a person close to you in detox and drug and alcohol use recovery. We understand that individuals at our facility have a greater chance of success when they have plenty of assistance at home, and we are glad to help you learn the best ways to support them.

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How To Support A Family Member In Detox

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to support a person recovering from substance use. Here are several tips for friends and family:

    • Educate yourself on drug and alcohol addiction and recovery
    • Check on them frequently and listen to what they have to say
    • Learn healthy communication techniques
    • Respect their boundaries
    • Help them find treatment when they’re ready
    • Look into getting them a way to get to treatment
    • Abstain from criticizing, judging, or placing blame
    • Attend family therapy with your loved one

Find Help For A Family Member Today

If you or a family member is looking for a helping hand in locating detox services near Long Island, we can help. Contact us at 631-857-3800 or complete the form below for a complimentary, personal consultation. We answer immediately, no matter the time or day.