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Detox For Anxiety And Addiction Near Long Island

You need extra help when detoxing from substance use when you also have an anxiety disorder. At Sunrise Detox, we understand that anxiety disorders aren’t a hurdle to circumvent but are often at the center of substance use disorders. If you battle with anxiety and addiction near Long Island, call 631-857-3800 for prompt assistance detoxing from alcohol or different drugs in a secure, nurturing setting.

Halt The Anxiety-Addiction Spiral At Sunrise

The strain of anxiety can stop you from appreciating life. Untreated or undiagnosed anxiety may become especially intolerable. Alcohol or drugs can deaden those feelings, but this option only worsens the situation in the long run. 

Self-medicating with habit-forming substances can cover up anxiety and give you the impression of coping. As the euphoric effects fade, the feelings of anxiety can return even stronger than before. If you use again, the the crash can become more intense. Over time, your spiral of anxiety and substance use becomes an addiction. If you quit using drugs or alcohol, your body becomes distressed, and you are faced with withdrawal symptoms. 

Once addiction settles in, you require medically supervised detox support to cleanse your body of the harmful substances. We know how the addiction-anxiety cycle impacts you physically and mentally. Place a call to 631-857-3800 now for safe detox care and mental health treatment for adults battling with anxiety and addiction near Long Island. 

Explore How We Treat Anxiety And Addiction Near Long Island 

The detox process is necessary to commence addiction recovery. Unfortunately, anxiety and withdrawal symptoms can make it a challenge to finish. At Sunrise, we can help you get comfort from both and finish detox. We start with an individual appraisal to understand your condition, what you will be detoxing from, and your medical background. Then, we customize our treatment options to your situation. We keep you safe and help you stay relaxed. After we help you finish this first step toward your recovery, we’ll help you find additional support for both substance use and anxiety. 

Medical Care During Detox

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can cause distress and illness. At Sunrise Detox Long Island, our skilled practitioners supply medical care for all complaints. We carry out vital sign checks every 2-4 hours for your safety and administer scientifically validated medications to alleviate symptoms. Our personnel are skilled in giving you safe, carefully timed dosages to avoid fostering a secondary addiction. 

You’ll also have enough time to relax in your comfortable room and delicious meals whenever you would like. We have nurses on-site 24/7 to look after you. 

Mental Health Therapy During Detox

Undertaking detox can be daunting, specifically if you are already experiencing a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety. The Sunrise staff is attuned to this. Even though your physical health is our leading priority, we also strive to support you emotionally. If you are dealing with anxiety, we will watch how detox impacts your mind and offer relief. We will also ensure you proceed in using any anti-anxiety medication you bring with you. 

You’ll also have the option to start therapy at Sunrise if you desire. We provide 

All therapy is led by qualified therapists who experienced with the obstacles of anxiety and substance use. Under our guidance, you can begin to uncover the link between substance use disorders and mental health and learn healthy coping strategies that will serve you during addiction recovery and beyond. 

If you’re interested in beginning treatment for anxiety and addiction near Long Island, call Sunrise at 631-857-3800 today. 

Choose Sunrise Detox Long Island For Substance Detox

If you aren’t sure where to go for help with your anxiety and addiction near Long Island, call Sunrise Detox. We are prepared to help. We feel you are entitled to only the best care for something as important as substance detox. To give you that care, we provide  

  • Safe, evidence-based medical treatments
  • Optional mental health counseling
  • Expert 24/7 care given by highly skilled staff members and clinicians
  • A reasonable daily routine to allow for healing
  • Modern, clean facility
  • A totally furnished bedroom with an attached bathroom
  • Well-balanced dining prepared on-location 
  • Resident lounges and recreational activities
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Guidance for questions in regards to billing and insurance
  • Aftercare counseling 

Find Help For Anxiety And Addiction Near Long Island Today

Help for addiction and anxiety disorders is available right now. Call Sunrise at 631-857-3800 or submit our contact form for prompt assistance with detox. We always answer quickly, regardless of the time or day. We are prepared to consult with you now.