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The Sunrise Detox Detox Process Near Long Island

Sunrise Detox is specially equipped to help individuals rid their bodies of dangerous substances comfortably and safely. Our well-trained team abides by an established process utilizing medicine and treatment to assist in successfully completing drug or alcohol detox without debilitating withdrawal symptoms. We'll collaborate with you on an individual basis to help you become medically stable and emotionally prepared for your subsequent phase in recovery.

Whenever you or a family member is prepared to embark on the path toward recovery, we urge you to call our admissions team at 631-857-3800. We'll gladly address all your inquiries and apprehensions about our detox process in Long Island.


Why Start Drug Detox In Long Island?

Going through detox is the opening step in realizing a full recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. But keep in mind, no one should try drug detox on their own. Withdrawal symptoms have the possibility of being painful, perplexing, or even fatal. Our experienced team will assist you in safely tapering off drugs by maintaining your comfort with proven medicines to manage your withdrawal symptoms so that you have the chance to get through detox as smoothly as possible.

Along with managing your withdrawal symptoms, we'll also get you prepared for the upcoming phases of recovery. Through encouraged individual and group therapy sessions, and additional forms of aid, you can start analyzing the causes of your addiction and cultivate the competencies and resilience required to keep up a sober lifestyle. After you begin feeling more under control, we'll assist in creating an ongoing care plan that enables you to move forward in your recovery.

Why Go To Alcohol Detox In Long Island?

Detoxing from alcohol alone can be a dangerous and even lethal process. You require access to healthcare and professional support throughout detox. Sunrise Detox provides the medical support necessary to handle symptoms such as delirium tremens, seizures, and other difficulties that can occur during detox and the stages of withdrawal.

As you gradually taper off of alcohol, we'll also give you the mental and emotional assistance needed for a beneficial recovery. Alcohol detox is often a challenging and emotionally demanding journey, and having access to trained professionals who can provide comprehensive care and direction can be invaluable. We are able to help you find the triggers and enticements that might result in a relapse while designing a customized aftercare plan to maintain your addiction treatment.

Detox Starts When You’re Admitted To Sunrise Detox Long Island

Our detox process starts at the time you are admitted. Upon arrival at our detox center, we'll assess you and ask that you respond to questions about your addiction and past medical experiences. This examination gives us crucial data for creating your customized treatment plan.

We'll also do a regular check of your luggage for restricted or prohibited items and request a urine sample from you. We'll also collect details on your insurance policy during intake and can answer any questions about the center, medicine we use, or the detox process. Afterwards, we will accompany you to your bedroom and make sure that you're comfortable and stable. First and foremost, we need you to take it easy while we draft your custom-tailored detox plan.

If you are ready to enter a detox center near Long Island, reach out to us at 631-857-3800 to speak with us about admissions and take the first step toward addiction recovery.

What You Can Anticipate Over The Course Of Drug Detox At Sunrise Detox Long Island

Detoxing from drugs can be a difficult journey, but we are ready to help you cope. Right after you join us, our well-trained staff and clinicians are there to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms.

Your experience in detox will not be identical to other people. We use your personal evaluation from intake to tailor our proven treatment methodologies to your precise needs. We begin treating you right away and monitor your vitals to keep you safe. Our staff is skilled at addressing usual symptoms of drug withdrawal such as:

  • Aches and pains
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Trembling and tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability

At the start of your detox, you’ll spend the majority of your time resting in your room. As you begin to feel better, you are welcomed to check out our resident lounges and go to group or personal counseling sessions. And rest assured, you’ll receive filling meals and enjoy access to snacks 24-hours a day.

In the supportive environment of our detox center, free from drug use triggers, you’ll have the chance to center your attention on yourself and improve without needing to worry about relapse. When you’re medically stable, we’ll create an aftercare plan with your input and release you to a lower level of therapy elsewhere.

What You Can Expect Throughout Our Alcohol Detox Process

a group of patients at a dining table 

Depending on the severity of your alcohol use disorder, you could encounter powerful urges and withdrawal symptoms over the course of detox. Sunrise Detox is here to guide you. We offer safe and relaxing accommodations away from alcohol and skilled medical attention for managing alcohol withdrawal.

As soon as you have your individualized plan of treatment in effect, we begin managing your withdrawal symptoms as they arise. All of our techniques are evidence-based and personalized for you. We work hard to maintain your comfort so that you can finish detox and graduate to a rehab facility whenever you’re stable from a medical perspective. Our medical staff is skilled in managing common alcohol withdrawal effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Heart palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability and mood swings

In addition to medical treatment, we help you feel secure and relaxed in our tastefully designed living accommodations. You may unwind in your bedroom or kick back in our community lounge. We provide all meals and snacks and our professionals are on the premises to get you anything you require around-the-clock. You may also take part in one-on-one therapy, group therapy, or peer support groups whenever you’re feeling better. Eventually, at the end of your stay, we will get together with you to make an aftercare plan and assist you in finding a rehab facility to help you stay sober and treat continuing post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

How We Utilize Medication-Assisted Treatment During Detox At Sunrise

Your worst withdrawal symptoms will probably require medication-assisted treatment (MAT). With MAT, we’ll administer proven effective medications to ease symptoms and help you wean off the drugs in your system.

Some of the approved remedies we depend on include:

  • OTC pain killers for headaches and muscle discomfort
  • Non-hazardous sleeping pills for insomnia
  • Librium to lessen the risk of delirium tremens and seizures during alcohol detox
  • Suboxone to wean you off opioids and mitigate withdrawal symptoms
  • Valium to reduce the chance of seizures in benzodiazepine detox

Whatever medications you get over your detox process in Long Island, you should know we always put an emphasis on your safety. Our personnel are skilled at providing medication in the proper dosages at the most suitable time to successfully handle withdrawal. And of course, we customize your medication-assisted detox to fit with your current condition and your past experiences.

Counseling During Detox At Sunrise

While we concentrate on medical detox at Sunrise Detox, we also supply mental health care if you’ve reached a point where you can take part. You’ll discover three kinds of counseling here to address the mental health side of drug and alcohol use disorders.

Individual therapy: Meeting one-on-one with a registered therapist, you can start exploring the triggers of your substance use and develop effective coping strategies.

Group therapy: In groups of 15 individuals or less, you’ll get the opportunity to discuss the difficulties of substance use disorder with fellow participants with similar experiences and develop interpersonal skills.

Peer support: Our peer support groups allow you to interact with those who have been in your shoes but are further along in their substance use recovery. You’ll see that you can get well and have a future following detox.

Plan Your Recovery Journey With Sunrise

Our aim at Sunrise Detox Long Island is to make sure that your body is cleansed of drugs and alcohol. With that being said, substance use recovery is a long path that you’ve just started. To assist you in taking your next steps to lasting sobriety, we’ll help you design an aftercare plan.

Before exiting our facility, one of our professionals will get together with you and your family members to discuss further therapy. You may still be dealing with post-acute withdrawal symptoms, and the triggers of your addiction still remain. Your aftercare plan will detail the most appropriate succeeding step where you’ll have more time to explore the origins of your addiction and cultivate healthy coping strategies. Our experts can help you locate the most suitable program that fits your needs.

Start The Detox Process Today

If you or a loved one is prepared to detox and get started on substance use recover, call us at 631-857-3800 or complete the form below. We will answer promptly and provide the help you need. We are here to speak with you now.